I remember when I had a disagreement with a neighbour about a doomsday prediction several years back, probably December. When I told him I hadn’t heard about it he wondered whether I’d been listening to the news. I was reminded of that incident last week when I saw online articles about September 23, 2017 that … More Rescheduling

Donald Trump must be stopped. That’s what socialist Sanders says and to make certain that he’s stopped all Sanders supporters must vote for Mrs. Clinton. An independent candidate for president also says that Trump must be stopped. Most American and online British media organizations say he must be stopped. For some time U.S. media headers … More

A Windfall For Bernie

All the talk about Bernie Sanders winning big on the $15.00 an hour minimum wage has brought back an experience that I had about ten years ago at an LCBO in the Union Station’s now out of use east platform. As I was checking out some beer the woman cashier was talking to someone just … More A Windfall For Bernie

Just now the report that both the mayor and the deputy mayor of Toronto were heading to the big climate change conference over seas motivated me to see what the web had to say about the trip. It was just yesterday that the mayor himself spoke of the need to raise taxes above the rate … More