Racism and Rationalism

Has anyone using the media expression “racism” ever thought about its meaning? It’s probably a new word, a  poetically born  abstract noun resembling sociological, anthropological or economic academic jargon in its cadence; sounding like socialism, communism or capitalism, implying  adherence to principles implying  condemnation of races other than ones own: as communists and National Socialists … More Racism and Rationalism

Working Class/Middle Class

Salon’s Stephanie Land article reveals that the lines separating middle class and working class are blurring. In fact I think that before Donald Trump started running to be the Republican nominee for president I had thought that almost every one in the U.S. saw themselves as middle class even university degree less labourers. The working … More Working Class/Middle Class

NDP 2012 Leadership Race

I’m reminded in studying peterderemigisnet stats of the importance of the impoverishment theme to many. Somewhat sensitive of my own subjective lack of political experience I imagine that this account of my television viewing of the 2012 NDP leadership race may reflect a consequence of increasing impoverishment and societal separation  ignored by most  politicians and journalists.   NDP 2012 Leadership Race Yesterday, and today, … More NDP 2012 Leadership Race

Invisible Poverty

“Posted on March 14, 2011 by peterderemigis” April 29, 2013 …Fama di loro il mondo esser non lassa, misericordia e giustizia gli sdegna: non ragionian di lor, ma guarda e passa.”…Inferno; Canto III,line.49 Most of what people know about society arrives through the various news vehicles such as TV, free newspapers and to a diminishing … More Invisible Poverty


In the autumn of 2008 when Mr. H. Polson was the U.S. Secretary of the treasury the word “transparency” became a popular expression used by media and politicians often implying a kind of moral forthrightness. Now the term is sounded so often that it is beginning to mean “goodness” so that “transparency’s’ opposite, “opaqueness” seems … More Appearance