I’ve been on the look out for online articles about President Trump’s striving to increase military spending to “make America great again”, and Canada’s increasing its military spending to keep everyone peaceful, but if anyone has anything to say about these increased weapons of war expenditures, they’re not saying it or have had their views … More

The Mail Knows

The Independent (owned by a Russian oligarch if Wikipedia is to be believed) and The Guardian both UK online journals have done all they could to make sure that anyone who reads their stuff has a low opinion of the president. The Mail Online is more subtle. But they do have a way with White … More The Mail Knows

Who really done it and what did they really do?

Online I’ve read that Mr. Woodward thinks that leakers of the masked could go to jail and Mr. Bernstein thinks President Trump could be removed from office because of information surreptitiously gleaned by leakers’ associates. And ten hours ago, and 4 hours ago; thank’s to Mr Lebedev’s ever generous British media group, the  Independent: John … More Who really done it and what did they really do?