Talk About Baloney

“In Canada’s Grocery Carts, a Boycott U.S.A. Movement Starts Rolling”​ (WSJ) I’ve been trying for years to put Canadian-grown produce in my cart; but over the years US and South American produce has all but replaced foods grown here in Canada. Even prices have gotten other worldly if you can find something grown here, like … More Talk About Baloney

Canada’s TSX is reaching record highs.

Yesterday all day and the day before BNN interviewers and the financial experts they interviewed spoke grimly about despondent investor sentiment caused by President Trump’s desire to impose tariffs on goods imported into the USA. Today the Toronto stock exchange according to captions appearing on my television screen for the past 2 hours say that … More Canada’s TSX is reaching record highs.

Canada’s Globally Owned Steel Industry

Despite Canada’s formidable reserves of iron ore, the steel industry in recent decades has shrunk significantly as industrial markets have become increasingly globalized. Today, every remaining steel mill in the country is owned by foreign investors and Canada is a net importer of the manufactured product. (Canadian Encyclopaedia) Steel imported into the U.S.A. from Canada … More Canada’s Globally Owned Steel Industry

A “bargaining chip”

…The talks are fluid, and Trump has shown a willingness to veer between extremes in how he interacts with Beijing. But Trump said Sunday on Twitter that he wanted federal regulators to take the unusual step of relaxing penalties on ZTE, even though the Chinese company has been accused of illicitly shipping goods to North … More A “bargaining chip”

Blather About Tariffs On Steel

Yesterday’s presidential tariff tweets have been dismissed by most online media as counterproductive because tariffs would increase prices on imported steel and aluminum products resulting in the manufacture of fewer steel products and greater unemployment not less. All of the anti-tariff articles I read today highlighted Canada and the European Union as the greatest sources … More Blather About Tariffs On Steel

In 1845 protectionism expired to birth the income tax.

…The budget of 1842 reduced the tariff on some 750 articles, and three years later Peel reduced tariffs still more. Duties on raw materials were mostly abolished and those on manufactured articles were consolidated at a general level of 10 per cent. In these ways the burden of revenue was moved from trade to ordinary … More In 1845 protectionism expired to birth the income tax.