Reaction to an Online Retailer Buying a Newspaper

When newspapers first appeared about the age of Victoria the literate wrote that papers would dilute literacy. Marshall McLuhan mid twentieth century media critic foresaw newspapers extending the technological reach of advertisers who would eventually pay people to buy papers to extend their reach . Today newspapers have Online circulation, but frequently some of those Online reports seem identical regardless of the newspaper publisher’s name. And too often those identical reports on world events bear the Reuters & Associated Press labels nullifying any chance that these old newspaper publications are providing varied opinions of these important happenings. And in order to read these globally diluted opinions we must persevere through the blitz of advertising that might have been dismissed in papers by turning a page or looking askance. Online news also demands much greater reader awareness of what one needs to know  and eliminates the possibility that important, less reported events might turn up hidden in the centre of a paper fold. Even paid subscriptions for Online news requires resisting distractions of advertising imagery and: the, where did it go ? I thought I saw it earlier, maybe yesterday, or was it last week  electronic confusion.

Weapons of War

On my CP24, 24 hour weather and sports channel I’m informed that Germany’s chancellor wants China to join arms control talks but wishes that the US would keep fighting in Syria. Arms control would have meaning if the manufacturing  of arms could be controlled. Even though Mr. Trump wants out of Syria he wants to purchase more arms than any country on earth to make America’s military untouchable and America great again for which he is borrowing more money than I can count.

Arms or weapons, are manufactured  and marketed fighting implements, not transformed from plough shares. Their purpose is to intimidate and destroy anyone who might challenge  control of peoples and territories. As long as there are territories to control and weapons manufacturers to profit, weapons agreements may postpone conflicts with but cannot limit the amassing of weaponry.

Blog Followers

I just got an email from someone claiming to have become a follower of my blog.

He wants me to have an effective blog.

Before I received that notice I had the number 124 in my followers stats with no visitors today, July 15. I think I even told metadata I didn’t want any more emails.

From my present standpoint emails have become a marketing device as have telephones.

And Utube is replacing text which consumes bandwidth and leaves less precise evidence in this age of false news, lies and apologies.

But watching video is more captivating and requires less concentration than reading.

For readers words say more than pictures.

In recent years when I’ve opened an online journalist’s newspaper report I’ve been unable to close the videos purportedly representing the text I’m trying to read. Often, unable to read the text because of the impossible-to-close videos, some of which are mindless junk promotions,  I just close the page assuming that regardless of header topic, that article was bate for a trap to get me to view advertisements and forget about the real public concerns that I expected the text to illuminate.

The L.A. Times may have a reason:

“Fake videos are on the rise. As they become more realistic, seeing shouldn’t always be believing”

Science and Allegory

All science is communicated by comparison more abstract than, but similar to The Divine Comedy’s use of recorded actions of people or places of the real word to depict events and characters’ in the other world.

Not being a scientist today’s mention of scientific discovery has begun to irk me. And much of what we hear about science is voiced by people who like me are not scientists. A distinction between science and engineering  raised  by a lecturer of a course I withdrew from  has stayed with me. For despite my Latin dictionary’s definition of “scientia” as knowledge and skill I’ve always understood its descendent “science” to imply knowledge.  Skill results from repeatedly performing mechanical actions that follow directions for how to do things. According to an ancient anecdote one need not be able to play a musical instrument to have knowledge of music.

All science is communicated by comparison more abstract than, but similar to The Divine Comedy’s   use of recorded actions of people or places of the real world to depict events and characters’ in the other world. Suffering in hell resembles, from line 109 of Canto 9 of the “Inferno”, images of the Alyscamps tombs near Arles  in France. Science tells us of the similarity of letters of the alphabet and numbers. What is “x”? It is like some number. What is a foot ? It is like a shoe. What is a centimeter it is like the number 10, one tenth of a meter stick. If one is six feet tall one is the length of six shoes. If one is 2 meters tall one is 200 tenths of 2 metre sticks.  What time is it? It is noon or it is lunch time or the sun is at the zenith; both hands of my clock are as one at its circlular face’s top. What knowledge is gained in these comparisons between lengths in  feet or metre’s and temporal duration in  space? The ability to organize experience to do things and acquire skills so that I can do these things faster and better than anyone else;  so that I can get power and money.

“No computer is safe.”

they may want to rule the world via cyber-space.

There’s all kinds of  stuff online and on Canada’s public and private 24hr TV sports, weather and traffic channels about Russians cordial relations with President Trump associates as though those associates, presumably all Republicans, have become the doorway to the U.S. government, but in all this Russia-dreading and Russia-sanctioning stuff there’s nothing about sanctioning Russia in the International Space Station; in fact considering the deluge of commentary dreading Russian contaminants infecting U.S. politics,  Russia-U.S. contacts in space and  the ISS itself seem to no longer exist.

Today Russian hacking of the U.S. presidential election, in keeping with Ms Clinton’s new book, has heightened concern over Russian meddling in U.S. elections as though until Clinton’s book no one knew that the greatest computer hackers on earth seem to have originated in Russia and the Ukraine at least that’s been my experience over the past two years. Considering the vast array of IP addresses of visitors  based in the Ukraine and Russia I’ve sometimes thought that the only way to explain this invasion  is that these visitors simply want attention, or maybe as their president Putin implied, they may want to rule the world via cyber-space.