The Underground

and her own mind
Desolate and wild as the wind.

Faces along the east-west subway

Faces I didn’t know were there

Till the TTC planned a trip for me

Up a path where wind bites,  blowin’

To Maine where motorized lame keep comin’ and goin’.

Passed imploring arms, out from the walk at a wall.

And a lady screaming she wants to be  left alone

With bags on her arms transfixed under heaven;

And her life

 And her own mind

Desolate and wild as the wind.

Guarding the underground: a man displaying coins in a stack pleasantly solicits more.

Sweeping Versus CEO ing

Mr Sanders is critical of Disney’s CEO’s pay.

Disney’s CEO says he deserves the millions he is paid because he makes thousands of jobs.

Someone who agrees with his pay scale compares what the CEO does to what a good street sweeper might get paid presumably the lowest of the low compared to the highest of the high. I’m prejudiced though; a good sweeper is worth more than a CEO or an accountant. There are no more sweepers, at least not in my neighborhood. Maybe they’re plentiful at Disney’s all created by CEO’s even before the current CEO was born,  whose stratospheric income Mr. B. Sanders doesn’t like.

Toronto’s mayor’s down in L.A.for the next few days.

Heard there were gonna be protest demonstrations in Toronto to celebrate the inauguration of President Trump in the U.S.A..

Sure hope they’ll be mostly visible minorities and the poor, the people I see on the TTC,

not Middle Classers whose incomes depend on the powers that be whose fortunes may ride on the side that wins the American presidency.