Time and Sunlight

From a-top the lake’s old hill The view to the sky Appears Blue draped In the sunlight. In the courtyard of Chinese tombs An antique dial Casts a shadow about 2; And through its angular perfection On stone Time slips. Beneath apple smells Amidst conversation Timed to a restless horse rhythm And the longing to … More Time and Sunlight


It was about this time last year that you threaded the yellow-green banana peppers and strung them across the wooden spice cabinet over the old gas stove. As the weather grew colder we watched them wither one by one, turn orange-yellow and finally, a crisp Chinese red. You picked the last two in January when … More A YEAR


Looking for time, We find him nowhere Watching clocks, nor near the sun’s way We may subdivide his tickings Till he’s scarcely more than air: He who gives dimension meaning And counting to his tether Makes infinity his contrary.