Talk About Baloney

“In Canada’s Grocery Carts, a Boycott U.S.A. Movement Starts Rolling”​


I’ve been trying for years to put Canadian-grown produce in my cart; but over the years US and South American produce has all but replaced foods grown here in Canada. Even prices have gotten other worldly if you can find something grown here, like corn: once a staple in Rome then in Victorian England has gone from 10 cobs for  1 Canadian dollar to $1 for one cob in the last 5 years.

Canada & Arabia Oil Exporters

Canada doesn’t produce much steel but it does produce a lot of oil and has exported more oil to the US than Saudi Arabia of the Middle East.

So why did a weather network article from McMaster University omit Canada from a list of major oil miners. Was it because Canada’s oil is Tar Sands oil?

“…Alternatively, on the supply side we have a small group of developing countries, predominately Middle Eastern, that produce and export almost all of their production primarily to Western Europe, Japan, China and the United States…”

Canada’s Steel Tariffs

What’s quoted below is dated June 26, 2018. Yet all that’s reported on Canada’s BNN are threats to retaliate against US tariffs on Canadian steel, likely Chinese Steel
exported in Canadian products.


Canada Is Preparing Steel Quotas, Tariffs on China and Others

Updated on
  • Safeguard measures aimed at blocking steel diverted from U.S.
  • Canada weighing mix of quotas and tariffs, people familiar say

What else do they export?

“Britain brushes off Trump on Iran with $967 million solar deal”

Yesterday I saw President Trump giving it to North Korea and Iran, calling North Korea’s leader “Rocket Man” and vowing to wipe that rocketeering nation off the map if it should harm the U.S. or its  allies, and accusing Iran of exporting terror as its main item of export. But today my CP 24 television channel said that Iran would be exporting material for solar energy to Great Britain as a result of a $967 million, nearly a billion dollar contract.

“Britain brushes off Trump on Iran with $967 million solar deal”

A Command From On High

This morning the news on Canada’s Business News Network in a printed caption, televised like a  neon sign, keeps flashing an admonishment to get cracking on trade from the World Bank and the International Monitary  Fund to elected politicians attending the G 20 meetings amidst anti G20 protests  on Hamburg, Germany’s  streets.