What else do they export?

“Britain brushes off Trump on Iran with $967 million solar deal” … More What else do they export?


And this is why the West’s trading hands are tied:

  …Trump suggested banning ‘stopping any country doing trade with North Korea’  That was likely a veiled threat towards China – which makes 85% of NK imports But that would massively impact US firms such as Apple, Ford  and Walt Disney In 2016, there was more than $600 billion in trade between the US and … More And this is why the West’s trading hands are tied:

Who’s in charge?

North America’s ability to deal with communist North Korea is limited by commercial and manufacturing arrangements with communist China.

A Command From On High

This morning the news on Canada’s Business News Network in a printed caption, televised like a  neon sign, keeps flashing an admonishment to get cracking on trade from the World Bank and the International Monitary  Fund to elected politicians attending the G 20 meetings amidst anti G20 protests  on Hamburg, Germany’s  streets.    

Free Trade

Free Trade was inspired by the writings of Adam Smith; and Ricardo’s theory that the cost of the things we buy is the result of the amount of labour it takes to make them. British manufacturers in the age of Jane  Austen before Victoria came to the throne had the advantage of the industrial revolution … More Free Trade