A Brave New Digital Being

Once imagined as the internet of ideas that worldwide web of computers has morphed into a spidery war of mystery and characterless pseudonyms where ones personal friends and relatives invade transparently, the concreteness of their being fading beyond the stratosphere into cyberspace. Advertisements

Cause of War

As I closed a Feb. 5 Buchanan article my eye fell on a sidebar title” did Hitler want war”. In the days when the nobles and knights of England and France maintained power and real estate by force of arms, a pitched battle was often declined in favour of harrying (terrorizing) the lands that provided … More Cause of War

The Pacific

In all the blather  arguing that China has the power to stop North Korea’s nuclear threats none question China’s interest in doing so. None remind of China’s growing influence in the Pacific where only the U.S. can interfere and where China’s old enemy Japan once dominant is  now weaponless and fearing threats from the north.

Afghanistan, Britain, New Jersey/The Globe

This morning I put “Donald Trump” into my Apple iPad search engine and got anti president reports from England’s The Guardian and Russian-oligarch-owned , The Independent. Other media organizations also wrote disparagingly of the president. Many were complaining of his travel expenses and apparent laziness. Some told of how his supporters were losing heart and … More Afghanistan, Britain, New Jersey/The Globe

Experts & SNOWMEN

Like Scott Adams I am not a North Korea expert. But I have yet to become aware of articles that refer to North Korea experts who might mention my childhood memory of the Korean war about how a stalemate truce ended the battle when the west realized that it did not want to face the … More Experts & SNOWMEN

So where’s the real fight, in Washington, East Europe, the Pacific or the globe?

Today my all day CP24 local traffic, sports and weather television station, a Canadian  medium, is keeping up with the Trump-Russia conspiracy in telling us 6.00 am sleepy heads that Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, son and former campaign director will appear before a U.S.A. congressional intelligence committee next week because they’d met with nefarious Russians. When … More So where’s the real fight, in Washington, East Europe, the Pacific or the globe?

War Weapons

I’ve been on the look out for online articles about President Trump’s striving to increase military spending to “make America great again”, and Canada’s increasing its military spending to keep everyone peaceful, but if anyone has anything to say about these increased weapons of war expenditures, they’re not saying it or have had their views … More War Weapons