Secretary Mattis President Trump: gender dysphoria

New Trump Transgender Military Policy Bars Those With Gender Dysphoria


A new policy memo from President Donald Trump concerning transgender service members may allow some to serve, but keep in place tight restrictions for many.

The White House memo, released late Friday night, highlights recommendations from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that individuals with a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria be barred from serving, saying these people “may require substantial medical treatment, including medications and surgery.”

Recent attention to an old blog about the military’s trans gender policy reminded me that I did not know how that debate had turned out. Most online articles are dated in 2017. I and maybe those hitting my old blog entitled “Military Commanders” want to know the military’s current position on admitting transgender recruits.

Until I saw this March 23, 2018 article all I’d heard is that the courts were resisting Trumps attempts to bar transgender people from entering the military as though this was the president’s policy and not the policy of the U.S. military commanders.

So who’s commander in chief?

Russian US Nukes

On September 28, 2016 we learned from Business Insider

“…that US Strategic Command leaders, who command the US’s nuclear arsenal, have said for decades that given the choice between the US’s nukes and Russia’s they’d choose our own missiles every time…”

A lot may have changed since then with the Trump – Putin Helsinki meeting this July, 2018 when Putin started testing nuclear delivery vehicles the day after that meeting as though  Trump had given him permission to do these tests just to scare Trump’s critics.

Does anyone care?

I’ve been trying to get the latest online opinion about the Macron-Trump relationship and Mr Macron’s claim that he talked Mr. Trump into staying in Syria and presumably using the U.S.A’s military equipment to bomb Syria. Today’s date April 16, 2018 is on the Macron CNN quote below. I first saw the quote yesterday the 15’th. But it is all I could get in response to my Macron, Trump, Syria, search. Most responses are dated 2017, a year older than the-day old one I spotted yesterday. Is there no journalist able to analyse the political intricacies that produced the Friday evening bombing of Syria

Macron says he ‘convinced’ Trump to stay in Syria ahead of strikes

By Devan Cole and Ben Westcott, CNN

Updated 4:44 PM ET, Mon April 16, 2018

But today, April 16, The New York Post says

…Macron said Sunday that he had told Trump that he should keep American forces in Syria for the “long term” after the president suddenly announced in a speech in Ohio last month that he wanted to pull out “very soon,” Reuters reported.

The White House late Sunday released a statement saying that while Trump wants Islamic State terrorists in the country defeated, he also wants the troops to return home…


A Brave New Digital Being

Once imagined as the internet of ideas that worldwide web of computers has morphed into a spidery war of mystery and characterless pseudonyms where ones personal friends and relatives invade transparently, the concreteness of their being fading beyond the stratosphere into cyberspace.

Cause of War

As I closed a Feb. 5 Buchanan article my eye fell on a sidebar title” did Hitler want war”.

In the days when the nobles and knights of England and France maintained power and real estate by force of arms, a pitched battle was often declined in favour of harrying (terrorizing) the lands that provided income to opponents.

The Pacific

In all the blather  arguing that China has the power to stop North Korea’s nuclear threats none question China’s interest in doing so. None remind of China’s growing influence in the Pacific where only the U.S. can interfere and where China’s old enemy Japan once dominant is  now weaponless and fearing threats from the north.

Afghanistan, Britain, New Jersey/The Globe

This morning I put “Donald Trump” into my Apple iPad search engine and got anti president reports from England’s The Guardian and Russian-oligarch-owned , The Independent. Other media organizations also wrote disparagingly of the president. Many were complaining of his travel expenses and apparent laziness. Some told of how his supporters were losing heart and complained that of all the places in the world he could have chosen for his vacation, he’s spending his 17 day holiday in New Jersey, U.S.A..

Then I checked the Drudge Report on my Dell computer’s search engine and through a couple of links found a Politico article giving some administrative perspective about America’s 17 year war in Afghanistan that shows the not-so-lazy president questioning the need to play safe and continue that war for 17 more years.

Though the Politico report seems objective (not full of derogatory media rebuke)its make-him-look-bad header implies that there is nothing of substance worth reading just the typical dysfunctional White house and “A president who doesn’t want to be there”/ doesn’t like his job?

The Trump White House’s War Within

His national security team wants a stepped-up fight in Afghanistan. There’s just one problem: A president who doesn’t want to be there.


July 24, 2017