Cultural Solitudes

An old thought came back as I was re-reading a titleless blog about my having suspected that the United States and Canada had dissolved into being ghostly destinations in an old dream, the one that Mr. Trump like Jay Gatsby thinks he can bring back “great again”. In that old Canada, Tim Horton played defence … More Cultural Solitudes

I did not vote for P.C. Rob Ford to be Toronto’s mayor when he defeated his Liberal challenger, a man who talked of getting into the legal marijuana business, now a respectable government approved concern here in Toronto and in other jurisdictions in North America. But when Mayor Ford began getting flack for ingesting crack … More

Haves=Educated Women, Have Nots=Blue Collar Men

Educated women pose big problem for Donald Trump in key suburbs Philadelphia’s suburbs have far more voters than blue-collar communities, and women there appear to loathe the Republican nominee. By Daniel DaleWashington Bureau Sun., Sept. 4, 2016 Things are getting confusing. I used to think only the wealthy, the haves,were the loathed Republicans, and that … More Haves=Educated Women, Have Nots=Blue Collar Men


Semantics Strong Strange word When relativity gets you. The ant’s strong And fit. And how does fitness fare? Well, strong’s fit And the fittest survives Doesn’t it? And the poor; They’re strong too Like the elephant. Like the ant But are they fit Without wealth?


When I put donaldtrump into the Google box here’s one of the things that came up: “Donald Trump’s ‘Charity’ Is a Money-Making Scam Not only does the GOP frontrunner avoid giving any of his own money to charity, he manages to make some serious profits from his ‘donations.’” Reminds me of what I was wondering … More Charity