Housing Capital

Temples fashioned by artful engineers housed gods in architectural splendor

And treasure, to keep thieves in awe.

Banks, temples to Pluto,  give way to institutions made out of treasure.

The Commonweal

There are two things that I have difficulty believing and that is that people who write about racism do so because they wish to improve social equality which to me means promoting justice. For media writers instances of injustice provide opportunities to increase their readers by making it seem that the people they call racists have caused this injustice while they themselves are doing good in spotting and criticising it, reminding me of the people we used to call “browners” who snitched to the teacher about the bad things that they the good kids saw the bad kids do.

The other thing that I have difficulty believing is that the people who talk on television about public transportation, especially city Toronto politicians, know from experience how to improve the efficiency of public transportation: the TTC. The recent nearly halving the cost of Metrolinx fare to Pearson airport because too few of the public were using this public facility also convinces me that Ontario MP’s like their municipal counterparts are out of touch with public transit and the lives of the commons and what it can afford to pay for transportation.



The Pursuit of Happiness

T. Gainsborough painting,Morning Walk

Thomas Gainsborough The Morning Walk . 1785

Hearing presidential candidate, Obama stating that some American business executives are paid many times more in one day than the lowest paid worker earns in a year brought to mind Jane Austen, English novelist of the eighteenth & nineteenth centuries, who believed that Kent was “THE ONLY PLACE FOR HAPPINESS”.

Austen writes “It is the only place for happiness”: “Everybody is rich there”.

(The World of Jane Austen,Nicoloson;p.61)