I just read an online article sponsored by Fox News written by a former Republican Deputy Secretary of State about the firing of deputy FBI Director Mr McCabe because by lying he failed to perform his duties in accordance with his oath of office.The article ends as follows: …Reportedly, McCabe lied to the inspector general, … More Truth

The Truth About Malmo Sweden

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The Toronto Star has had a reporter with the expertise and wisdom to catch all  of President Trump’s lies. Two days, 23 false claims from Donald Trump — including one spectacular lie Now ever since the president as candidate stuck his head into the open it has been the…

Can anyone at BNN explain about the production and export of aluminum and steel?

Canada is not among the ten top steel and aluminum producers. China ranks #1 and Turkey #10. Canada is a net steel & aluminum importer. But Canada’s Business News Network tells us that Canada exports more steel and aluminum to the U.S. A, than any other country; since Canada has closed down most of its … More Can anyone at BNN explain about the production and export of aluminum and steel?

Can you paint it?

I walked back from the train Along the lake without sun to warm Waters raging under leafless trees Desolate in monochrome But for that red patch approaching at a distance Down a path winding closer to the lake than I’d noticed When leaves were there. He waved as he passed. Surprised I waved back; And … More Can you paint it?

“The Mystery of the Sherman Murders The Fifth Estate”

The item above is dated February 2, 2018 one of the difficult to find online articles dated after January 26, 2018  more than 5 weeks since police declared the Sherman deaths to be  the result of murder-suicide and so they were not seeking suspects. Today I came across a CNN article about how one of … More “The Mystery of the Sherman Murders The Fifth Estate”

Who makes steel?

The worst thing about reports about tariffs on steel and aluminum imports to the U.S.A. is the failure of journalists to explain what tariffs on steel and aluminum means. Are tariffs intended for imports of steel and aluminum commodities or products made of steel and aluminum or both? If the tariffs are intended for the … More Who makes steel?