Where’s all that money coming from?

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June 18, 2014

Today, June 18, 2014; just before the chairman of the federal reserve stood up and ended her news conference, someone asked a fundamental question referring her to the Standard and Poor stock exchange’s surpassing its historic value, and asking if the federal reserve thought that such record heights for stocks were historically typical. Her response though almost subdued, perhaps because she was thinking of the irony implied in the question that might also have referenced Canada’s TSX exchange today at record levels while interest rates, the purview of the federal reserve and the Bank of Canada, are being kept historically low, sounded hushed but direct: stock markets are functioning at historic norms.

Now since I have no financial literacy, I’ve been wondering to myself for some time now how stock exchanges in North America could be doing record business while interest rates for those who might qualify…

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Why did he nominate her?

“Trump withdraws Treasury nomination of former U.S. attorney for D.C. Jessie Liu”

This header titles an article in Stars & Stripes, attributed to Washington Post writer, Keith L. Alexander.

The article questions why the president would withdraw the appointment of Ms. Liu.

But according to his conservative supporters Liu as the president’s nominee was about to face interrogation by senators about her accepting a token jail term for someone in the Mueller probe whose offences normally exacted a far grater jail penalty than the 2 month token.

Though I learned of the likely reason for the withdrawal yesterday, still no one has bothered explaining why the president nominated her in the first place. Since everyone assumes he vindictively removed hostile witness Vindman from the White House; then similarly anyone like Ms Liu who treated his investigators sympathetically during the Mueller investigation, the president should not have nominated for a promotion.

Do people hate people?

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December 12, 2013

Two problems have emerged in the years since the 1970’s through the oil embargo driven depression of the early 1980’s in North America: diminishing opportunities for employment and increasing divisions among national populations where people have come to behave as though “people hate people“. Both of these matters are satirized in the June, 2013 movie The Internship so conspicuously that the movie’s content resists submission to the formal disciplining of a controlling narrative. It exaggerates the clash between know-nothing dinosaur-like older salesmen and the ever on the hair pin of hostility, hip and in tune with technology, intelligent young students, to convey the message that both older workers and youth are losing work to machines, and that people are forfeiting the capacity to respectfully communicate with people.

The movie develops from two middle aged salesmen Nick and Bill being given notice when their boss decides to close…

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"Change" & the State

I remember when former president Obama’s campaign promise was “change”, the “change” that could be believed in that voters have yearned for but have never got. He knew that the word “change” was beloved by everyone because most people believed that “change” resembled the horn of plenty. But real “change” frightens almost everyone: when inquiring about the cause of illness the ancient historian Herodotus said that he believed that illness was caused by “change”. Today almost everyone who says anything about politics hates President Trump -“Trump Haters” – because he threatens to “change” how things are done in the “deep state”- the state – bureaucracy that fears the temporary demands that may be put upon them every election period by disrupting officials who do not understand how things are done. Those whose work days follow procedures for keeping government functioning smoothly fear that anyone not initiated in its ways could be a tyrannical outsider demanding that they perform their duties his way.

No evidence

“The president retweeted assertions that Romney “stabbed Trump in the back” by joining Democrats in attempts to overturn the 2016 election, and that the Utah senator was connected to unsubstantiated claims that Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, was corruptly involved with the Burisma Holdings energy company in Ukraine.”Feb. 9, 2020

“…Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, was corruptly involved with the Burisma Holdings energy company in Ukraine.”