Women’s Day, 2017

Originally posted on Deremigi's Blog:
Since the late 1970’s, early 1980’s, when I started noticing women riding TTC vehicles,  about when writers started championing women’s rights and extolling the virtues of no longer relying on a male for support, being a male myself, I started  thinking that extolling the virtues of being a working…

Cultural Solitudes

An old thought came back as I was re-reading a titleless blog about my having suspected that the United States and Canada had dissolved into being ghostly destinations in an old dream, the one that Mr. Trump like Jay Gatsby thinks he can bring back “great again”. In that old Canada, Tim Horton played defence … More Cultural Solitudes

Mesmerizing Media

Every time I think; and thinking is for me usually a product of will, telescoping through reports about this that, the other thing, Harvey Weinstein, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, and the NDP riding in on media-waves of sexism. racism, liberalism, conservatism and human rights regurgitated with the impulse of  insatiable appetite.


The word rhetoric once denoted ways of communicating one’s thoughts by devices called “rhetorical devices” “Appeal to authority” (used in terms like “expert/scientists say”) is a rhetorical device often used by journalists to convince readers of the validity of their opinions. But today maybe 2500 years since the devices of rhetoric originated, the noun rhetoric  … More Rhetoric