Afraid of the Trade war?

So much for the trade war ( that’s been spookin’ journalists afraid that big money making manufacturers might get them and they’ll get laid off because the money ‘s dried up) now that fearless apple’s closing the shop makin’ Mac Book Pro and movin’ it all to China where they already make everything you can buy at Walmart; and even grand pianos and cars, and stuff on ebay with no shipping. I heard some time ago that even if those Jobs that Mr. McCain once said were gone for good came back there’d be no one to do them because nobody’s been doin what the Chinese’ve been doin for so long that people over here in the noncommunist world no longer had the skills they lost with the jobs that started leaving for China maybe 50 years ago.

Canada’s Steel Tariffs

What’s quoted below is dated June 26, 2018. Yet all that’s reported on Canada’s BNN are threats to retaliate against US tariffs on Canadian steel, likely Chinese Steel
exported in Canadian products.


Canada Is Preparing Steel Quotas, Tariffs on China and Others

Updated on
  • Safeguard measures aimed at blocking steel diverted from U.S.
  • Canada weighing mix of quotas and tariffs, people familiar say

Canada’s Steel Industry

Canada manufactures and exports very little steel. Steel manufactured in Canada is manufactured under the direction of global organizations. Canada sold its steel industry Hudsons Bay, Petro Canada, Tim Hortons and manufacturing companies like Dafasco  years ago. The Steel products that Canada exports comprise steel made and priced by China, the world’s foremost maker and marketer of steel.

Whose Steele: Canada’s Britains or China’s?

The Guardian printed what follows On April 1 2016 when David Cameron was England’s Prime Minister.

British politicians have been accused of pandering to China by blocking new tariffs on Chinese imports to the EU, a measure designed to prop up Europe’s struggling steel industry.

The tariff move by the People’s Republic is likely to anger steelworkers and unions, who blame China for much of the industry’s recent troubles. Steel firms say one of the key reasons for the UK industry’s woes is that state-subsidised firms in China are “dumping” their product on the European market, due to flagging demand at home.

The UK business secretary, Sajid Javid, who visited Tata Steel’s struggling Port Talbot plant on Friday, has been accused of blocking measures to crack down on Chinese imports. Javid voted against EU plans to lift the “lesser duty” rule, which would have allowed for higher duties to be levied on Chinese steel imports. The UK has also lobbied for China to be granted “market economy status”, which would make it even harder to crack down on steel dumping.

“The fact is that the UK has been blocking this,” European Steel Association (Eurofer) spokesperson Charles de Lusignan told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “They are not the only member state but they are certainly the ring leader in blocking the lifting of the lesser duty rule. The ability to lift this was part of a proposal that the European commission launched in 2013, and the fact that the UK continues to block it means that when the government says it’s doing everything it can to save the steel industry in the UK and al

Who makes steel?

The worst thing about reports about tariffs on steel and aluminum imports to the U.S.A. is the failure of journalists to explain what tariffs on steel and aluminum means. Are tariffs intended for imports of steel and aluminum commodities or products made of steel and aluminum or both? If the tariffs are intended for the latter only,  then Canada’s argument, repeated in every Online piece I’ve read is valid: Canada is America’s NATO ally and would never export goods to the U.S. that harm U.S national security, President Trump’s reason for considering tariffs.

What gets lost in all these why me efforts to stave off tariffs is the real target of tariffs – China – and China’s  vast steel making capacity which has allowed it to flood the world with steel and aluminum material to countries like Canada who send its steel products to the U.S. where the steel industry has been shrinking along with steel manufacturing jobs. The U.S. then has no control of the material out of which its weapons and automobiles are made and relies on shipments of that material made and priced by China.

Blather About Tariffs On Steel

Yesterday’s presidential tariff tweets have been dismissed by most online media as counterproductive because tariffs would increase prices on imported steel and aluminum products resulting in the manufacture of fewer steel products and greater unemployment not less.

All of the anti-tariff articles I read today highlighted Canada and the European Union as the greatest sources of U.S.’s steel and aluminum imports. And I was surprised to learn of Canada’s apparent near dominant influence on the United States in this area especially after seeing a man on Canada’s Business News yesterday reporting that China’s advances in steel and aluminum smelting having dwarfed production in the U,S. and Canada in recent years. Indeed I don’t know who in Canada produces these steel and aluminum products that the U.S. imports in greater quantity than from anywhere else in the world since all Canada’s steel making companies seem to have disappeared.  The Canadian Encyclopedia says

…Despite Canada’s formidable reserves of iron ore, the steel industry in recent decades has shrunk significantly as industrial markets have become increasingly globalized. Today, every remaining steel mill in the country is owned by foreign investors and Canada is a net importer of the manufactured product…

Trying to make sense of the steel imports to the U.S. that the American president threatens to tax I went to a Wikipedia page of metal industry statistics.

Now whether these numbers are accurate or not, they are – staggering – with China at the top of the list in 2017 with 831.7 metric tons from 14 metric tons in 1967, the European Union (all the countries of Europe) second with 168.7 metric tons production from NA in 1967, United States fourth 81.6 tons from 113 in 1967 and Canada seventeenth with 13.7. from 8.8 in 1967. Contrasting steel production in China with that of the United States from 1967 to 2017 in light of Mr. Trump’s tariff tweets is alarming. For As U.S. steel production diminished from 113 tons in 1967, China’s production sky rocketed from 14 tons in 1967 to 831.7 tons in 2017. Is there a journalist who has the authority to explain why U.S. steel production has been made irrelevant by China’s enormous advances and why journalists do not mention that Canadian steel making like that of the U.S.A. is diminishing to the point that ‘Canada is a net importer of the manufactured product.”

Fearful Prophecy In The News

The online media has assumed a prophetic stance. Media reporting is rumor-based prophecy.

Rumor-based because no one knows which media evidence is fact and which is rumor, for without media no one would be aware of more than we experience on the street, in our homes or in our gardens.  The globe has become an extension of our field of experience, made real by media’s select depictions of happenings as far off as India and China more vivid than insects in our gardens; porch lights, powered mowers or shaded SUV’s.

So media predicts future events based on past media depictions of events known through projections by superior media intelligences which trembling we believe.

So we fear the coming war with Russia, with Korea(not China); the dangers of debt, aliens, zombies in a changing climate, “white nationalists”, and Mr. Trump,  dreading  certain doom like medieval man seeing signs of Armageddon.