Right and Left cover Centrist Cash.

Facts that world wide online English language media wouldn’t reveal: Wealthy friends share economic and political interests while traveling the middle of the road that leads to more of the same. “ Donald Rodham Clinton The Trump presidency is taking on a decidedly Clintonian flavor. By Jack Shafer April 13, 2017 “

Categorizing Voters

I read an online article yesterday (August 22, 2016) that suggested that though Mr. Trump’s supporters have been identified as men who have lost jobs to current free trade arrangements, he is better received in areas where people are still working and have benefited from an improving economy. Those who one might have expected to … More Categorizing Voters

Nothing new here.

They’ve been united against him since he started trying to be the Republican president nominee way back in the summer of 2015 when he and his supporters (crazies and working class whites) became the but of the media’s inside joke reminding me of Canada’s media’s anti Rob Ford fiasco when even Jimmy Kimmel down south took … More Nothing new here.

‘Lovely Weather We Are Having”

Donald Trump eating fried chicken with fork sends Internet into meltdown Published August 02, 2016 Again; except for that 3/4-year-old snapshot with Trump and my old friend, everything I know about him comes from online journalists, like his fried chicken eating etiquette that reminds me of my old musician friends’ sometimes idiosyncratic habits. This chicken eating … More ‘Lovely Weather We Are Having”