Calling Men In Black

“Aliens definitely exist and they could be living among us on Earth, says astronaut Helen Sharman”CNN

“Mueller Is ‘Going for the Kill'”

“Mueller Is ‘Going for the Kill’ on Trump-Russia Investigation, Republicans Believe: Report”p-

The above headline from a News Week report dated September 12, 2017 is inspired by an Axios report of the same date 7 months ago.

And today April 12,2018, 7 months later a CNN publishing of a President Trump tweet says.

“If I wanted to fire Robert Mueller in December, as reported by the Failing New York Times, I would have fired him. Just more Fake News from a biased newspaper,” Trump tweeted Thursday morning.

“The Mystery of the Sherman Murders The Fifth Estate”

The item above is dated February 2, 2018 one of the difficult to find online articles dated after January 26, 2018  more than 5 weeks since police declared the Sherman deaths to be  the result of murder-suicide and so they were not seeking suspects.

Today I came across a CNN article about how one of its journalists was in St Petersburg, Russia checking out garbage dumpsters for evidence of President Trump – Russia collusion during the 2016 American  election and of another journalist sent to Thailand to talk to prostitutes about behaviour that might taint the president’s media image. I guess Canadian, especially Toronto news agencies, are giving their journalists a much-needed winter break.


More Smoke – Candidate/President

A CNN online article about correcting ABC’s Ross saying that President Trump asked Mr. Flynn to contact Russia instead of saying Donald Trump the candidate for president told him to contact Russia says nothing. What’s important is that the man who became president is accused of using the Russians to help him become president.

“…This is not the first high-profile mistake by Ross. In a 2012 piece for which he apologized, he suggested that the Aurora shooter may have had a connection to the Tea Party…”(CNN, Dec. 3)

Rush Limbaugh in his Dec. 1 criticism of the Ross report about the Flynn matter also reminded of Ross’s 2012 Tea Party error.

December 4, 2017; This smoke seems fit for confusion in its smokey ambiguity (President or candidate Trump ?); so I got it backwards: whether Mr Trump or president Trump asked Mr. Flynn to contact Russians seems important only to those who believe that only Mr. Trump or President Trump talks to Russians.

Today, December 8, 2012 after Jerusalem was made Israel’s capital, a change that President Trump has orchestrated since before he became president, a promised policy which seemed not to  make sense when he first uttered it since both Palestine and Israel claimed Jerusalem, thus heightening  not mollifying differences between the two Peoples as Mr. Trump often said was his intention whenever he promised to take the U.S. embassy from Telaviv to Jerusalem.









Rhetoric and Thinking

I started reading a CNN sponsored article with the header saying that critics of the president’s tax-paid vacation had it wrong. I immediately assumed it would be about the president’s words captioned on CP24 stating the president during White house renovations would continue working at his N.J. golf club . The CNN sponsorship of this seemingly pro Trump header surprised me. So I kept reading but stopped before the punch line/paragraph because all the verbiage I’d gotten through may have been setting me up for that good old blast of dump Trump vitriol.

Harley cancels President Trump visit.

What’s quoted below is offered under the auspices of CNN.  You have to wonder when the media organization CNN offering the article online is the same organization that gives out debate questions to Democrat operatives before the debate is held. This concluding passage below seems to confirm what Mr. Soros said about President Trump failing because his ideas are contradictory.
…It was the threat of protests, and not Trump’s planned signing of executive orders, that made Harley-Davidson uncomfortable, the official said.
The canceled trip highlighted the difficulties Trump will continue to face as he looks to implement his agenda while his presidency is engulfed in controversy.
Trump’s decision to temporarily ban citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from traveling to the US and suspend the admission of all refugees has sparked a wave of protests nationwide — protests which now appear to have torpedoed the rollout of an unrelated part of his policy agenda.
The travel ban was also met with widespread condemnation by Democrats and even some Republicans who called the move counterproductive to US counterterrorism efforts.
That fiery opposition has already ramped up Democrats’ efforts to stall the confirmation of Trump’s Cabinet nominees, and could also trickle down to legislative efforts.
CNN’s Jim Acosta contributed to this report.