Jupiter, Saturn & Mars

CBC or CTV television says you can see the planet Jupiter on Monday, June 10, 2019. Jupiter and Saturn do not appear just one day. If they are visible they will be easy to see for weeks if not months. For a number of years Jupiter has appeared from the East close to the zenith. Last year it appeared high over the South horizon for several months until it disappeared into the South -West . Not far behind was Mars that followed a similar path till it too vanished into the Western horizon. A few years ago Saturn followed a similar path.

“…despite an ignorant news report that’s circulating all over the world, you can see Jupiter’s moons with binoculars anytime Jupiter is up — not just at opposition! Who creates this nonsense?” (Sky and Telescope)

Last night, June 9, I saw the moon hovering in the constellation Leo as it dove head first off into the Western horizon.

Scary News

At about 5: am when I looked out my east window there was Jupiter glowing against the bluing morning sky free of last night’s horizon to horizon quilted haze. When I ran outside Orion with his starry belt shone south in front of  southern Saturn looking as bright as Jupiter to the east just beyond Taurus. All of this was visible despite the rather full moon still up in the blue western sky.

The weather outside my door and round the places where I shopped was calm and sunny. but when I got into the house CP24 and CBC 24 hour television  news kept warning, as they’ve been warning for over a week, of the hurricane approaching the Florida coast as though we in Scarborough Canada several thousand kilometers away should be battening our hatches.