What’s important?

Is there learned analysis of the significance of today’s federal reserve’s quarter point rate increase followed by a decline in U.S. and Canadian bond rates? Marc Faber says, and here I agree, that economies world-wide are experiencing cost of living inflation (stagflation) and asset price inflation of stocks and real estate. He also suggests that only … More What’s important?

Haves and Have Nots

June 13, 2016 earlier this year television news reported that Ontario’s or Toronto’s sunshine list of employees earning one hundred thousand a year had increased by several thousand since last year despite Ontario’s efforts to limit wage growth. Lately, maybe because politicians on both sides of the Canada United States border sympathizing with the plight of the middle class, and dismissing “the working class” as reported in U.S., and Canada, I’ve begun thinking that maybe its the middle class and neither the working class nor the filthy rich like Mr. Trump and the Clintons who are responsible for the rise of haves and have-nots here in North America. … More Haves and Have Nots