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Mike Allen 10 hrs ago “Mueller adds muscle for Russia investigation” Axios , financed by old news organizations, bankers and tech innovators started in the summer of 2016 just in time for the Trump administration and already  at the top … Continue reading

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Yesterday all my Canadian television stations: CTV.- BNN. and CBC gave non-stop coverage to President Trump’s giving classified information to visiting Russian officials. With today’s endless list of  online world-media headers announcing the Comey memo documenting the president’s request that … Continue reading

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Assistant Director McCabe

Whenever I peeked at my CP24 television screen captions, Deputy FBI Director McCabe was reported to have contradicted something that President Trump had said about his reasons for firing Director Comey, and the seriousness of the FBI’s investigation of Russian … Continue reading

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Free Speech

Under “search terms”in my stats I noticed: “creepingsharia.wordpress.com fake news?” I searched and found a WordPress site that seems dedicated to free speech with an article illustrating the effect of President Trump’s  executive ordered travel ban on news reports. I … Continue reading

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Flynn Testimony Offer

What follows is taken from an Inquisitr Online article published 14 hours ago and based on a Wall Street Journal story. Flynn, who was fired from his post after it came out that he lied about contact with the Russian … Continue reading

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Extra Terrestrial Friendship

Some years ago I was surprised to hear that Americans and Russians were sleeping together in outer space, surprised because for all of my life I’d been taught to fear the coming onslaught from the east, taught at school and … Continue reading

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Tax Returns, Sticks-Stones & Names

My CP24 television told me in a printed caption today; March 15, 2017, that China is displeased with America’s intending to increase tariffs on Chinese manufactured products. Mr. Buchanan former contender in Republican primaries for president wants to know why … Continue reading

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