“the Canadian way”

“Scheer’s election slogan undermines the Canadian way “

The above quotation from the Toronto Star in an article dated 1 day ago about the Conservative party of Canada’s leader informed me of “the Canadian way”, a phrase conveying a Canadian attitude that I missed growing up here in “Toronto the good” maybe because in them days having immigrant grandparents, I may not have been as Canadian as Warren Smokey Thomas, © Oksana Kukuruza or their sponsor Microsoft News.

The Russia Investigation

Today I read the first plausible explanation of the much vaunted/ridiculed probe of President Trump  being conducted by Mr. Mueller.

The article by Tom Burman in Saturday’s, November 10, 2018 Toronto Star seems plausible because its key reference is Mr. Trump’s declaration of bankruptcy, followed by solvency that from my media reported perspective never made sense; I thought that once you were bankrupt you were bankrupt. Mr. Trump says that his unexpected bankruptcy and sudden solvency were the result of his clever use of US bankruptcy law. But Tom Burden of the Toronto Star says that Trump was saved from bankruptcy by the Russian mafia then made President of the United States by the Russian secret service.

The Truth About Malmo Sweden

I just read a Fox News sponsored article by a former Republican assistant secretary of state on the firing of Mr. Macabe and the truth.

The Toronto Star has had a reporter with the expertise and wisdom to catch all  of President Trump’s lies.

Two days, 23 false claims from Donald Trump — including one spectacular lie

Now ever since the president as candidate stuck his head into the open it has been the target of journalist  barbers ready to trim his orange hair and muzzle his  big mouth because it spews lies. The Toronto Star reporter noted above spotted 23 false claims exiting Mr. Trump’s mouth in 2 days.

One of the first journalists to notice the president’s lack of honesty was a New York Times reporter reviewing the first Republican debate on PBS who questioned the then candidate Trump’s sincerity in running for office. Once it became apparent that the president really wanted to be president, that same New York Times journalist wrote an apology of sorts for his inaccurate, uninformed, unwise assessment of Mr Trump’s candidacy by explaining that he had been too aloof – rather disinclined to associate with those, another Toronto Star reporter, denigrated as people Mr. Trump would not permit to work among his other servants, the “deplorables” as Ms. Clinton labeled them. But despite his inexperience in associating with this crowd our apologetic NYT sophisticate warned that Mr. Trump the candidate was a deceiver, in other words a liar.

Since I read that apology nearly 2 years ago I began watching out for Mr. Trump’s deceptions, his lies, as The Toronto Star reporter calls them. The first really big fib seemed to have popped up in February 2017 at a press conference when he said that Sweden had been experiencing problems with Moslem migrants. I remember the ridicule that lambasted the president’s  Trumpian claim. For at least two days my CP24 channel offered non-stop video’s of Swedish authorities  gleefully heaping scorn on Trump and his claims that Sweden had problems with Moslems. I saw and heard so much of this ridicule for nearly 48 television hours that I began to believe that President Trump’s assertions about Sweden were  likely the result of misinformation: he said he’d learned about Sweden’s troubles on television. But wanting to understand the enormity of the days-long ridicule the president’s Sweden statements had evoked, I did an Online search and learned of Malmo and Gotham Sweden’ and  that Gotham Sweden was considered the most segregated city in Europe and that Malmo Sweden was  such a concern outside North America that my WordPress blogs about Sweden’s migrant difficulties elicited searches for the “truth about Malmo”, a place I wouldn’t have known existed if President Trump hadn’t vaguely referred to Sweden’s migrant problems.

If the president has been “guilty as charged” by that watchful Toronto Star journalist keeping track of his lies: then the president’s comments about Sweden must have seemed the most “spectacular” of his lies. Of course no journalists online or on television apologized for the media barrage of mockery and misinformation that must have permitted anyone within range of English media to believe that Sweden is without migrant problems and that President Trump is the greatest of  liars.

Fearful Prophecy In The News

The online media has assumed a prophetic stance. Media reporting is rumor-based prophecy.

Rumor-based because no one knows which media evidence is fact and which is rumor, for without media no one would be aware of more than we experience on the street, in our homes or in our gardens.  The globe has become an extension of our field of experience, made real by media’s select depictions of happenings as far off as India and China more vivid than insects in our gardens; porch lights, powered mowers or shaded SUV’s.

So media predicts future events based on past media depictions of events known through projections by superior media intelligences which trembling we believe.

So we fear the coming war with Russia, with Korea(not China); the dangers of debt, aliens, zombies in a changing climate, “white nationalists”, and Mr. Trump,  dreading  certain doom like medieval man seeing signs of Armageddon.

Looking For America

Since Donald Trump became the Republican candidate for president, whenever I put his name into the Google box; at the top of my search results page I get British media headers from The Independent and The Guardian which have begun to replace the New York Times‘ Trump vitriol so that I now find myself looking for American commentary to get American reaction to American events and not British, Canadian (Toronto Star) and Australian snide snipers’ opinions, I sometimes even seek The New York Times which I once gave up on for real analysis of political events in the U.S.A..

So many of these foreign media organizations have been outnumbering American media that I’d begun suspecting that the U.S.A. had ceased to exist, and is just one more ghostly destination for globe-trotting internationalists – like Canada maybe.

The header below makes me think that there may be some truth to my fanciful hypothesis.

“UC Davis student leaders say American flag display should be optional at meetings”

“Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/education/article145130714.html#storylink=cpy”

I did not vote for P.C. Rob Ford to be Toronto’s mayor when he defeated his Liberal challenger, a man who talked of getting into the legal marijuana business, now a respectable government approved concern here in Toronto and in other jurisdictions in North America. But when Mayor Ford began getting flack for ingesting crack cocaine a drug that heightens the debilitating psychological effects of marijuana, much of what I learned about Mayor Ford’s drug and alcohol antics I learned from Canada’s The Toronto Star and The National Post.

Recently The Toronto Star has been reporting through their Washington Bureau reporter  Mr. Trump’s, the Republican candidate for president’s incorrect pronunciation of Nevada. Today the Toronto Star has jumped on another media band wagon with The National post to tell of  Trump’s talking (correctly pronounced obscene words emanating from his mouth) in an audio recording of Trump’ s obscene conversation about women. Coincidentally both incidents have developed from surreptitious recordings:  Mayor Ford was video-taped smoking dope, and Donald Trump was audio-taped engaged in obscene locker room type of bragging.

Donald Trump’s candidacy imploding over sexual assault remarks

Toronto Star10 hours ago

As I said I did not vote for P.C. Ford and scarcely had reason to be aware of him until he started getting flack from Canada’s media. My political inclinations lean left of seeming socialist Bernie Sanders. Similarly I could never imagine wanting to vote for Mr. Trump who thinks workers in America want too much money and need less business  regulation (a concern in Victorian England). Nevertheless, he does talk against that other Victorian goal “FREE TRADE”.

But both men having been pummeled at every turn by those who can afford to pummel them, I can’t help but fear the pummelers more than the pummeled.