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Matters, Investigations & Queasiness

This morning I’m again seeing mention of my old March 21, 2017 post titled “Comey Testimony”, which contained a link to a transcript of Mr. Comey’s March 20, 2017 congressional interview. The second Comey testimony that I was aware of … Continue reading

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Warmly Winking/UncomfortablyCool ?

Some, even Mr Krauthammer, who do not understand how President Trump could have fired Mr. Comey suggest that on January 22, 2017 he and Comey had an amicable relationship despite Trump’s raging against the FBI head’s not inditing Ms. Clinton … Continue reading

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Some of the things I’ve liked about Donald Trump in addition to that snapshot of a friend and him I was shown up around Davisville and Toronto’s Yonge Street is that people hate or fear him, and that he rarely … Continue reading

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Right and Left cover Centrist Cash.

Facts that world wide online English language media wouldn’t reveal: Wealthy friends share economic and political interests while traveling the middle of the road that leads to more of the same. “ Donald Rodham Clinton The Trump presidency is taking … Continue reading

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Is the owner of Britain’s Independent an autocrat,oligarch or both?

Is the owner of Britain’s Independent an autocrat,oligarch or both? …Trump has long expressed admiration for Putin and other hard-as-nails Russian autocrats…” “Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev  bought the the British news organization, The Independent in 2010″. Lebedev’s  The Independent appears … Continue reading

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Rule Britania

If you’d put Donald Trump into the Google search box via Mozilla you’d have got the three anti Trump headers that follow courtesy of the Online, long armed British media corporation The Guardian “Donald Trump on tape saying ‘every racist … Continue reading

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Is it true? (calling all fact checkers)

Like all opinion mine is biased against breaking electronic news deliverers. So in my opinion most who report what they call news online seem to warm to China and fear Russia. I’ve also picked up the view, perhaps one of … Continue reading

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