I was recently shocked to read that the radio “shock jock” who appears to be a friend of president Trump says that the president dislikes his supporters. I was shocked because some of those supporters expressing their praise on the Tree House site think he’s the greatest president and can’t wait to vote for him. But what is beginning to stand out in his supporters’ comments is a kind of blind loyalty to the president and a willingness to engage in responding to intrigues that make the president’s political opponents seem rather sinister and worthy of legal retribution which never seems to come.

They really enjoy his impolitic rhetoric, the very thing that the reporters following him target to dramatize his unfitness for politics.

His June 20 Tulsa rally has brought this lack of political seriousness into focus and makes it seem that hardly any voters understand that whether or not they like a candidate’s style or political party should not determine how they vote. The president’s opening remarks about all the judges he’s appointed and all the judges he’ll appoint in a second term ignored his 2 recent losses in the supreme court especially his not being allowed, despite his constitutional authority to do so, to cancel Mr . Obama’s order to give the children of illegal aliens the benefits of American citizenship. And his bragging about giving 2 trillion dollars to the military ignores that his audience either doesn’t care or understand that so many American citizens are poor and some imprisoned for acting against social injustice.

Media also ignores the plight of voters reviewing the Tulsa rally as a poorly attended sports event in an arena that was easily filled by a pop star.

Try to remember.

“rckymtn says:April 8, 2020 at 12:43 am

Trumps personal/DOJ/IG/AG decisions have been completely negligent. Why he didn’t fire every single obama appointment day 1 will always always been a massive F’up on his part. On top of that letting these deep state F’s close our country down and crash the economy is another MAJOR F up on this part. I’ll never understand what he is doing. Hate to say bad things about him but F this is frustrating to watch.”

Biden won

Here’s a comment from Breibart published on WhatFinger

Ace Smith@AceDblDwn

Bernie can tweet Victory in California all he wants – but it is a Victory with a small v = victory – he will not get nearly the number of delegates he needed.”

“Biden 453 delegates”5:30 am/ nbc  453 delegates at 7:30 am    

“Sanders 382 delegates” 5:30 am March 4, 2020/ nbc  373 delegates at 7:30 am

Looks like the party got it right even though everyone with a pundit opinion thought that Biden was out of it before SC. I think even Mr. Nunes being interviewed no more than 2 or 3 days ago said forget Biden as a candidate .

Clinton won the popular vote in 2016.

Every poll noting a Trump likely challenger said any Democrat candidate, even before Iowa, could defeat Trump. And I kept remembering Clinton’s massive popular vote lead and the fact that there are many more Democrats than Republicans.

Nice Change

Trump-Barr divide worsens as the president bucks a request to stop tweeting, and the Justice Dept. declines to charge his political foe” 7 hours ago Washington Post: authored by several journalists whose names won’t copy.

Nevertheless it’s nice to see Mr. Barr no Longer metaphorically depicted as Mr. Trump’s “shield

National Security

“Trump finds in Barr the attorney general — and shield — he long sought”

By Matt ZapotoskyJosh DawseyTom Hamburger and Ashley Parker May 2, 2019 at 8:07 p.m. EDT WOW:Look at all those Washington Post journalists!



“Without Evidence”

“…In an op-ed in the Washington Post in May, former FBI director James Comey referred to Mifsud as a “Russian agent”, although he did not say why he believed that to be the case. Mueller’s report does not directly make the same allegation. For his part, Papadopoulos has repeatedly suggested, without presenting any evidence, that Mifsud was working for Western intelligence agencies in an effort to tarnish Trump…”Reuters October 9,2019/7:33AM/19 DAYS AGO October 9, 2019 / 7:33 AM / 19 days ago

This paragraph copied from a Reuters article about the mysterious Mr Mifsud, perhaps the most important figure in the Russia Trump concerns, illustrates media use of the phrase “without evidence”.

*James Comey referred to Mifsud as a “Russian agent, although he did not say why he believed that to be the case.

*Papadopoulos has repeatedly suggested, without presenting any evidence, that Mifsud was working for Western intelligence agencies in an effort to tarnish Trump.


America’s Limits of Power

September 25, 2013

In 2013 when Mr. Obama was president I learned that limits of power has been a central notion of debate among the West’s writers and thinkers. In a 2010 article from the Economist entitled “Limits of Power” and a Mar 23, 2011 article published by the Cato Institute headed “Understanding the Limits of American Power”  discussion of limits in America’s  power may actually reveal America’s slowly developing new foreign policy. The US’s threatening retaliation against Syria for weeks then almost over night, then almost gleefully accepting the plan for Syria to formally reveal its chemicals to the world may not demonstrate Mr. Obama’s uncertain foreign policy, but may permit voters to get used to their administration’s acting on its own real interests informed by the limitations of its ability to further the interests of other nations.

And now 5 years later in December 2018 President Trump’s withdrawing America’s forces from Syria may be seen as a further step in America’s acknowledging the limits of its power

Whose transgender plan is before Supreme Court?

Trump announced in March that he would endorse a plan by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to restrict the military service of transgender people who experience a condition called gender dysphoria. The policy replaced an outright ban on transgender service members that Trump announced last year on Twitter, citing concern over military focus and medical costs.

This morning November 24,2018 CP24 television reported the US supreme court to be reviewing Donald Trump’s intent to ban transgender people from serving in the military. Some time ago I read online that Secretary of Defense, Mattis had sought to ban those with gender dysphoria from serving in the military.