Can you fool all the people whenever you want?

Uncertainty about “Trump” reverberates through equity markets This caption repeats every few seconds at the bottom of the BNN video screen under a number indicating investing in Europe’s DAX has fallen 15.? points from its present height of  over 22, 000 points – a really big drop eh? By midday the Dow had dropped about … More Can you fool all the people whenever you want?

Rhetoric and Thinking

I started reading a CNN sponsored article with the header saying that critics of the president’s tax-paid vacation had it wrong. I immediately assumed it would be about the president’s words captioned on CP24 stating the president during White house renovations would continue working at his N.J. golf club . The CNN sponsorship of this seemingly … More Rhetoric and Thinking

Some of the things I’ve liked about Donald Trump in addition to that snapshot of a friend and him I was shown up around Davisville and Toronto’s Yonge Street is that people hate or fear him, and that he rarely mentions the middle class, the class Karl Marx called the bourgeoisie. What I don’t like … More

Right and Left cover Centrist Cash.

Facts that world wide online English language media wouldn’t reveal: Wealthy friends share economic and political interests while traveling the middle of the road that leads to more of the same. “ Donald Rodham Clinton The Trump presidency is taking on a decidedly Clintonian flavor. By Jack Shafer April 13, 2017 “

Is the owner of Britain’s Independent an autocrat,oligarch or both?

Is the owner of Britain’s Independent an autocrat,oligarch or both? …Trump has long expressed admiration for Putin and other hard-as-nails Russian autocrats…” “Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev  bought the the British news organization, The Independent in 2010″. Lebedev’s  The Independent appears to have pushed The Guardian out of first place in the pitchforks for Trump attacks.