Inanity of War

War, as other evils, approaches silently; often in the guise of a friend.


Success needs no patience just diligence and desire.


As a bee makes sweet and stinging, feelings make love and hating.

Fear of Freedom/A Culture of Fear

(2008)Have you ever noticed how we\’re all scared of somthin’. People scare us; certain places seem scary. Often people seem scared of nothing as in “I was really scared”. Sometimes I think that lawyers are especially scared. Scared of court costs and losing money. And maybe judges are also scared; scared of declaring anyone a loser. Maybe this is where our fears begin; with the law, and now human rights and fear of saying or thinking the wrong thing: as in there ought a be a law. Someone wrote a book once about the disappearance of the adult. Maybe it’s true; maybe all of us fear the responsibilities of adulthood and want to be children so no one can blame us and make us feel responsible.

And a Salon article urges us to stay afraid, “very afraid”.

Friday, Nov 4, 2016 05:00 AM EST Be afraid – be very afraid: Donald Trump’s transition team is lining up corporate hacks and readying a rollback of Obama’s eight years Trump’s transition team, led by Chris Christie, offers a window into the terrifying workings of a Trump presidency Gary Legum

And 80% of Canadians blithely comply.

80% of Canadians fear a Donald Trump presidency: poll jill slattery By Jill Slattery Online Producer Global News


Everyone Likes Change. At least President Obama thought so because he kept telling everyone back in 2008 that if elected he would bring change that everyone could believe in, but by the time he was elected he was talking about how hard it was to move the “ship of state”.  Guess that’s why no one complained; cause no one wants t’ rock the boat.


Are there really Men in Black aware of the ever presence among us of extra terrestrial life? Often our search for such life implies that it must be superior to human life; indeed the impulse to search, itself implies a loss of confidence in the significance of human nature. For we hear that in our ever expanding universe life must be infinitely plentiful and so we humans are likely not unique but merely one of many species scattered among the stars; life itself as plentifully insignificant as their uncountable flickering. And still no one tires of peering into this ever expanding darkness. Yet few suspect that despite generations of waiting, probing and speculating that our desperate efforts to contact other life forms may find only creatures too backward to have responded to our intergalactic overtures and not the godlike superiors of our technological imaginings.