Haves and Have Nots

June 13, 2016 earlier this year television news reported that Ontario’s or Toronto’s sunshine list of employees earning one hundred thousand a year had increased by several thousand since last year despite Ontario’s efforts to limit wage growth. Lately, maybe because politicians on both sides of the Canada United States border sympathizing with the plight of the middle class, and dismissing “the working class” as reported in U.S., and Canada, I’ve begun thinking that maybe its the middle class and neither the working class nor the filthy rich like Mr. Trump and the Clintons who are responsible for the rise of haves and have-nots here in North America. … More Haves and Have Nots


“Great Again”?

Two evenings past I saw the first bit of the 2016 movie, La La Land free on TV, echoing themes and attitudes of movie-made imaginings of plotless dancing and singing in 1953, got tired and went to bed.

Win Bigley

Yeah I wanna get all that power and win Bigley so I can do some good. Where there’s hope they’re may be a way like my old hero Mr Mac Duck, Donald’s uncle.

“Birth of a Nation”

George Washington, real-estate warrior, political father of America and of the world’s first universal male vote dreaded the possibility that every little American would be born a little Tory or a little Wig. …”It was Washington who warned against the formation of political parties and urged the nation to choose leaders for reasons that transcended … More “Birth of a Nation”

So who’s the real “Narcissist”?

                         (www.salon.com)Thursday,Jan 19, 2017 09:17 AM EST Donald Trump’s biographers: He’s narcissistic, belligerent and deeply fears that he’s illegitimate A collection of professional Trump soothsayers arrived at some troubling conclusions about the president-elect Beware the Narcissist’s Last 2 Yrs: Limbaugh Warns About Obama Published on Jan 26, 2015 Who Are You Calling a Narcissist, Rush? … More So who’s the real “Narcissist”?

Bully Narcissist Liar

“Bully” “Narcissist” “Liar” *Narcissist has become a popular journalistic epithet used often by Trump critics presumably from the left. I’ve also seen it used by Rush Limbaugh lambasting President Obama from the right. *Bully is a popular epithet even outside journalism; the word used to be spoken in reference to schoolyard incidents; now everyone charges … More Bully Narcissist Liar