The Real World

They are on television.They have cameras, cartoons and signs. They are everywhere. Advertisements

Haves and Have Nots

June 13, 2016 earlier this year television news reported that Ontario’s or Toronto’s sunshine list of employees earning one hundred thousand a year had increased by several thousand since last year despite Ontario’s efforts to limit wage growth. Lately, maybe because politicians on both sides of the Canada United States border sympathizing with the plight of the middle class, and dismissing “the working class” as reported in U.S., and Canada, I’ve begun thinking that maybe its the middle class and neither the working class nor the filthy rich like Mr. Trump and the Clintons who are responsible for the rise of haves and have-nots here in North America. … More Haves and Have Nots


The word “love” proclaimed in public is as ineffectual as the “if you see something say something” recording played throughout the TTC subway system.

World Poverty

This morning my sports & weather breakfast news showed Ontario’s former premier and Toronto resident smiling before a group walking for world poverty. And I wondered – has anyone bothered to ride line 2 of the Toronto subway between Warden and Yonge lately?

Jupiter, Saturn & Mars

CBC or CTV television says you can see the planet Jupiter on Monday, June 10, 2019. Jupiter and Saturn do not appear just one day. If they are visible they will be easy to see for weeks if not months. For a number of years Jupiter has appeared from the East close to the zenith. … More Jupiter, Saturn & Mars

Some one finally read an old weapons post.

It’s almost 2 years (June 8,2017) since I asked why NATO was pleased with Canada’s latest purchases of war weapons as President Trump was announcing his intended increase in USA’s weapon’s expenditures to make America great again. I don’t think any Pulitzer Prize journalist said anything about the president and his military: they seemed … More Some one finally read an old weapons post.